Inspiration: I can’t find posts relevant to my niche.

Finding better, more relevant posts for inspiration and engaging.

Whether you are trying to find posts to take inspiration from, generating posts with AI, or looking for posts to engage with, all of this is powered by your Search settings which you can change in the Settings section.

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These information are key for us to find and generate the best possible posts for you.


However, you may have a very niche activity. We’ve had clients in precise scientific fields and niche industries use Taplio to grow their personal brand. It can however be a challenge to find on-topic posts for them.


If this is your case, our best recommendation is to find inspirations in industries that are not your own, or, if you can, to try and go one-step “higher” in your industry to get more posts.


Say you specialize in electronic engines for the transportation industry. In that case it’s going to be tough to find relevant posts for you to take inspiration from, and our AI may have trouble understanding exactly what it is you do. So we’d recommend finding inspiration and interacting with posts that are relevant to the auto and transportation industry as a whole, and tailoring your Search settings to find those.

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