Using Taplio’s AI for content inspiration

How to use our technology to fuel your inspiration


The AI plays a few different roles in Taplio, including:

  1. Automatically analyzing and fetching relevant tweets for you
  1. Writing content for you to edit and post

And there are several ways you can use Taplio’s AI to find inspiration and create high-performing LinkedIn posts.


Let’s cover all of them:

Find existing viral content automatically


The Viral Content section in Taplio is where our AI automatically fetches existing viral content that’s relevant for you.

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In this case, our AI scours LinkedIn to find top-performing posts in your niche. The goal of the feature is not for you to copy/paste one of the posts you find here. What we recommend is you try to grasp the ideas and formats that are behind each post and see how you can apply them differently for your own personal brand.


How powerful that feature will be for you is largely dependent on how well you’ve configured your Search Settings.


If you are in an extremely niche industry, it might be hard for our AI to find relevant content. If you are too vague when describing what you’re looking for, the AI may bring up less relevant posts.


So don’t hesitate to play around with the Search Settings and try to find the right balance.

Search for existing viral content using keywords


The Search feature is one of the most popular in Taplio. Use this section to find specific posts about specific topics by using keywords and -negative keywords.

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Keyword match types

  • keyword: general, broad-match keyword

Ex: searching for digital marketing could return posts about SEO

  • “keyword”: exact-match keyword

Ex: searching for “digital marketing” will return posts that contain this exact keyword

  • -keyword: excluded keyword

Ex: searching for -marketing will prevent posts with marketing in them to be returned


You can also use filters to return more relevant posts. For example, you could want to exclude all crypto posts from the results or get only posts that were published recently. All these filters are available to make finding the write posts easier for you.

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AI-generated tweets


Taplio can also generate content for you from scratch. How it works is our AI learns what you like talking about on LinkedIn, combines that with the topics you’ve mentioned in your Search Settings, and generates new posts for you from scratch.

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Don’t hesitate to play around with your search settings until you find the right combination that will bring up the best results for you. If you go too niche, our AI may be a bit confused, too vague and it might not be on the spot.

Also, keep in mind that AI is here to inspire and assist you, not replace you entirely. So it’s normal to find that the posts aren’t perfect and require some work.

You can also play around with the AI Settings (below the search settings) which give more or less liberty to the AI so that it can either be very conventional or a bit wilder in its suggestions.

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Other ways AI helps you in Taplio

  • Re-writing post

Whenever you find a post in Taplio, you can use the ⚡️ icon to ask our AI to attempt to re-write it for you. This is particularly useful for your own posts which have performed well.

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Just remember to have opened the post composer before your click this button as this is where the re-written version will be displayed.

  • Continue writing a post

Stuck in your content? Ask our AI to continue writing it for you so you get rid of the blank page syndrome. It might not be perfect but it will do the trick of unblocking you!

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  • Get an idea for a reply when engaging with others

It’s not always easy to figure out what to comment on someone’s post. So we’ve also included AI in the Engage section so you can get ideas for a quick reply and move on to the next post.

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