Finding post inspiration with Taplio

The general process of using Taplio to find inspiration for your next LinkedIn post.

You probably already know the importance of publishing regularly on LinkedIn (or any social media platform) to fuel your personal brand’s growth.


Both LinkedIn and your audience must perceive you as a person worth following, and with that comes a responsibility to publish regularly and provide your audience with relevant content.


But we’ve all faced the “blank page” syndrome. The pressure of having to write but not knowing what to write about.


Similarly, we’ve all written and published posts that we thought were amazingly interesting but got little to 0 attention from anyone.


Both these problems are what we set out to fix for LinkedIn creators when we made Taplio.


How does Taplio help with LinkedIn post inspiration?


We’re convinced that the best way to improve both the speed and quality of any content is by getting exposed to great, high-performing content.


Taplio uses AI technology to identify top-performing content on LinkedIn which you can take inspiration from. Most of the time, you’ll go and grab inspiration in your niche or industry, which is why we’ve also developed technology that allows us to find posts that are relevant for you, automatically or by using your own keywords.


We’ve also trained our AI to be able to write LinkedIn post drafts for you, based on what you usually talk about.


We’ve also plugged into third-party tech to bring you the most relevant news in your industry for you to share with your network.


These features help you find the inspiration you need to create posts that perform well and don’t take hours to write.

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