How does the “Industry news” feature work?

Description of Industry news feature

The "Industry news" page is the easiest way to find the most relevant and recent conversation that is happening in the industry.

All you need to do is access it from the sidebar menu and wait for the results to load.

"Industry news" uses our AI engine to analyze the top sources in your industry based on the interest you have provided in the settings menu. We then use that information to return the most relevant and high-performing news content according to our algorithm.


Our AI's analysis of your account may be a bit off. That often happens when you have used broader keywords or irrelevant information.

But don't worry! You can always edit what our AI analyzed so that future results match what you’re looking for. Just edit the search settings and input the keywords you feel are right for you.


Also, you can use more niche keywords to improve your results. For example, If you are a content writer, then using “copywriting” as a keyword would be better than using “marketing”.


Once you are getting the right articles that are related to your audience, you can post the links to those articles with some edits.


Or you can either agree or disagree with the post by clicking on the buttons below the post the AI will rewrite the content based on your opinion. After the AI has written the post, you can still edit the content and make changes till you are satisfied with it.

Note: The AI will only show 10 articles and all of the articles will be from the last 48 hours.

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