Adding contacts to your lemlist outreach sequences

How to add your Taplio Contacts into lemlist campaigns.

As a user of Taplio and lemlist, you can enjoy the native integration we have developed between both tools.


Our integration allows you to grab LinkedIn contacts you have in Taplio and add them to lemlist outreach campaigns. Configuring this helps you turn likes and comments into actionable, concrete leads you can convert into clients using an outreach strategy.

Use case examples Automatically send an email to people who like one of your LinkedIn posts. Identify people who commented on a competitor’s post and add them to an email sequence. Perform a Sales Nav search, import contacts to Taplio and add them to an email sequence. Send a LinkedIn connection request to people who have commented on your latest high-value post

Here’s how to set the integration up.

Connect your Taplio and lemlist accounts

The first step is making sure that Taplio and lemlist are properly connected so that they can exchange information.

Go to the Integrations section (in your Settings) and scroll down to find the lemlist integration. You’ll see there’s a field where you can input your lemlist API key.


Hit “Get my API key”.

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You will be redirected to lemlist’s integration page where you’ll find your API key or be able to generate a new one. If you are not logged into your lemlist account, you will need to do so before being redirected.

Copy your API key, head back to Taplio, paste your API key into the appropriate field and hit Save.

Remember your API key is private and sensitive. Do not share it with anyone.

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And you’re done! Let’s move on to how you can make a connection between your Taplio contacts and a lemlist campaign.

Adding your Taplio contacts to a lemlist campaign


Now that Taplio and lemlist are communicating, you can make contacts that you import into Taplio and add them to a lemlist campaign.

To achieve that, start by heading over to the Contacts feature in Taplio and pick any contact list you’ve created.

In the top-right corner of the list, you’ll see a “Push to lemlist” button which you can click on.

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Note: you can also select specific contacts in the list before hitting the “Push to lemlist” button if you don’t want to send the entire list to your campaign.

You will then be asked to choose which lemlist campaign you want to add those contacts to.

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We recommend you create dedicated, specific lemlist campaigns for various types of contacts in Taplio.

For example, create a specific campaign for people who interacted with one of your LinkedIn posts. This way you can send a much more relevant email that will feel more natural for the recipient.


Once you’ve selected the correct campaign, feel free to confirm and add the contacts to the sequence. You’re done!

As a Pro subscriber to Taplio, you may also automatically push newly added contacts to your lemlist campaigns. This is especially useful for self-populating lists such as the Likers and Commenters lists.

How to find emails for each contact? There are currently 2 options: 1. You can use Taplio’s “Get email” feature to pass that information along whenever a contact gets added to a lemlist campaign. Note: as a Pro subscriber to Taplio, we automatically fetch the emails of all the people who like and comment on your posts. 2. You can enable lemlist’s auto-enrichment with Dropcontact whenever a contact gets added to a campaign. More on that here.
We recommend using lemlist for your multi-channel outreach sequences as Taplio integrates perfectly with it. However, we do have a (slightly less powerful) Zapier integration you can use to create connections with a very large number of tools.
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