How to schedule a post containing a carousel?

How to schedule a post containing a carousel?

It is finally here!

One of our most anticipated features is now live for all users. scheduling carousel.


Note: To post a carousel you need a PDF.

Posting a carousel is the same as posting an image or video. Here are the exact steps.

  1. Click on “Write a post” - this will open the post-composer.
  1. Click on the image icon under the composer
Notion image
  1. Click on it, this will allow you to select the PDF that you want to publish
  1. Once you select it, it will show up on the composer with a preview
  1. Make sure to wait for some time as PDFs can take some time to load

After that, you can schedule it or post it immediately as well.


Note: Follow LinkedIn guidelines for the size of the PDF

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