How to add a team member to Taplio?

Add your team members

LinkedIn is a business-focused tool and LinkedIn campaigns are often run as a team

To make it easy and efficient for our users to collaborate with their team members, we have dedicated a whole section to it.


Here are a few common use cases where team collaboration features can be really useful for you.

- employees of the same organizations - personal branding agencies - unified billing for all team members

What you need to get started:

  • One Taplio account: This account will act as the admin of the organization
  • Email ID of the team member you want to invite
  • Make sure this email ID doesn’t already have a Taplio subscription

How to add a new member:

Step 1: Go to Team and permissions page

Notion image

Step 2: Add the email ID of the team member you want to add to your organization

Note: Make sure that your email ID doesn’t already have a Taplio subscription


Step 3: Team member will get an email like this

Notion image

Step 4: Team member will join the organization and setup Taplio normally

Note: Once the team member joins your organization everyone will be billed from the admin’s account as a team.

Admin can remove a team member from an account anytime they wish.

For more information about team discounts, check out this article.


Step 5: Share your account with your organization

Notion image

To share your account with your team, you just simply need to click on this checkbox. Once you do your account will be shared with all your team members.

Selecting this will allow the admin and content writers to post on your account.

Admin can assign content writer role to any of the team members from the settings page.

Notion image

Content writers can not only write for all the accounts they can also check the analytics and engage on other team members’ behalf.

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